My name is Fiona, which is Gaelic and means white or fair.

As the youngest of four I was born in England in 1958, and moved to Germany in 1977 after getting married.

I now have 4 fantastic children of my own and 3 gorgeous grandchildren.

I started using the computer in 2002 and since then have worked as Graphic and Webdesigner.

my first Homepage was, both in english and German.  

After that came my story that I hope one day it will be published as I have had several requests for the book already.

Books and Fantasy brought me the ideas for, which is all about Hobbies, Fantasy and Science Fiction. I included Fun4freunde as I found so muchmore to include

In September 2005 I started with Photoimpact,

I completed a beginners course on a german board, Bastelboard-Abenteuerland,
everything I did there can be seen at,

 I made this Home page using PhotoImpact, after completing another Course on the PhotoImpact International Board.

Having decided I wanted to learn more I found the Freespiritgraphics Board and the wonderful work from Rosie Hardman.

After making my first Graphic site, in 2006,  I now  decided that my images needed more room so here we are!

With a big thank you to my beloved Husband and my children for their help and understanding in everything I do.

Have fun!